After long time experience and substantial professional achievements, yet not meeting personal ambitions and capacities, the founder of ELEKTROKOM company, Mr. Branislav Milatovic, made a decision to employ the knowledge and experience in the filed of electronics by setting up his own business.


This is in brief how ELEKTROKOM was established in 1994.  At the beginning, it was a small family company, facing number o difficulties and uncertainties, but by placing effort in every aspect of work, we managed to overcome all the obstacles.

Looking back at that time, we value the experience gained as well as learning as an outcome, thus giving us a base for improvement.  Set goal of continuous improvement and quality, resulted in constant growth of an already successful business.  As a confirmation of our good approach and strategy in work operations is a fact that ELEKTROKOM has developed in one of leading companies in related field.



Besides regular electrical installation, we provide services of projecting and consulting in the field of electrical and technical projects.

Scope of activities of ELEKTROKOM may be divided in several basic fields:

In order to present our work in a more tangible way, we will note that until now we have successfully completed various electrical works at over 3.000 houses, several hundreds business spaces, major business buildings, our hotels and many other objects of different nature (check our reference list for more details).


Although our results are remarkable, we are not to be self fascinated, since our long term strategy is to be better and more successful, that our results should generate further commitment to our quality in performance.

To carry on complex and demanding work that we do, educational structure o employees is necessary.  We are proud to say that today we employ cca 40 highly qualified and trained professionals ready to respond to the most challenging requirements.


ELEKTROKOM major investments were directed towards fixed assets and technology, in order to reach efficiency necessary for business operations.  Our storage space, workshops, motor pool, machinery, tools and instruments enable our company to meet even most challenging electrical works.      

By following and recognizing contemporary trends in our business field, we strive towards technical and idea related improvement, with clear goal to become market leader in our area of operations.

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